Boston Herald

A gleaming high-tech machine at South Station stands ready to dispense T-shirts, sunglasses, socks and even underwear among other products to busy on-the-go shoppers.

Nothing costs more than $15, and the items can be returned if they’re not satisfactory.

The company behind the fancy vending machine, Automatic Apparel, launched earlier this year, having grown out of a Harvard Business School project...”

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USA Today

"Hey, we're not here to judge you about what happened last night. But if you find yourself at select locations in Boston in need of an entirely new outfit, from shoes to underwear to shirts, the Automatic Apparel machine can help you out. Get a two-pack of underwear (just in case you don't make it home again tonight), ballet flats if your heels are killing you, sunglasses if you need some darkness right now … even a fresh pair of running shorts and socks if you're struck by a sudden urge to work out. Clothes don't fit? Pop them back in the tube for a refund."  

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Metro Boston

"Need a quick change of clothes after spending all night at someone’s place? Maybe you’ve been trekking around in heels all day and want a more relaxing pair of kicks.Either way, Hub resident Gina Moro has got you covered."

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